10 Miles Apart  is a US musical duo based in New York and Indiana, formed in 2016. The band consists of Matt Abulencia (harmonies, vocals, synths piano, keyboards, percussion, beats, programming,) and Emily Sweet (lead vocals, other instruments, writing).

10 Miles Apart released its debut single “Recovery Burns” in 2016.  The single has received much praise for its unique voicing and haunting melody that aptly reflect the subject being sung about.  They plan to release the remainder of their ep in the coming months.  10 Miles Apart indeed has a singular style, one that incorporates influences from experimental electronic dance music, pop, as well as jazz.  10 Miles Apart can be classified as shoegaze, dreampop, experimental, and ambient.  They are influenced by amazing artists such as Deftones, Aphex Twin, Porter Robinson, Sigur Rós, Radiohead, The xx, Air, and Lana del Ray.


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Matt Abulencia is an American musician known for his work with Blaming Hollywood, Fervour, Seventray, and most recently 10 Miles Apart.  As a multi-instrumentalist, Matt plays piano, bass, guitar, and drums, and works extensively with synthesizers, sequencers, and programming. He also works a lot with falsetto vocals.

Abulencia was born in Syracuse, New York, and when he is not touring, he resides there. Always an artist, Matt attended State University of New York at Fredonia (where coincidentally, he and Emily met) and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in drawing and painting.

In 1999, Matt created Fervour, a solo act with released titles such as ‘Like A Void’ and ‘Tip the Scales’, as well as sporadic singled like ‘Boom Chick (Boom Chick)’ and ‘Tracks in the Dust’.  Matt is currently working on his next solo effort, “YoungCrush/YouthCrushed”.

In 2013, Matt (synths, keys, backing vocals) joined rock group, Blaming Hollywood, also featuring Josh DiGenova (lead vocals), Armando Ramirez (drums), Brandon Wheeler (guitars), and Chris Parker (bass, backing vocals).  Under the record label, 3 Thirteen Entertainment Group, Blaming Hollywood has released their debut album, “Liars and Theives’ and has toured the United States widely.

Emily Sweet is an American musician, actress, and model known for her work with 10 Miles Apart and a variety of movies that can be found on IMDb.   Even though Emily is the lead vocalist for 10 Miles Apart, she also can play the piano, oboe, tympani, and various other instruments.  Her voice ranges from alto to soprano.

Sweet was born in Baltimore, Maryland, but grew up in upstate New York.  In 2014, she relocated to Indianapolis, her current home.  Like Matt, Emily attended the State University of New York at Fredonia and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts and Spanish.

Throughout the years, Emily has been cast in a wide range of plays, musicals, shorts, and films, and auditioned her way into the professional theatre company, The Bunbury Theatre, located outside of Buffalo, New York, where she won the female lead for every play for which she auditioned.  Once Emily moved to Indianapolis, she was signed under WIC Studios which launched her into the modeling and acting industry (  Before signing with WIC Studios, Emily sang backing vocals with a band that opened for acts such as Rob Base, Naughty by Nature, SWV, Digital Underground, and sang at Indiana Pacers games.

Together, Matt and Emily hope to deliver music that grabs the souls of their listeners to engage and unleash emotions like only music can do.

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